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Over and over again our Buyer - Clients raise their questions and concerns about this topic. To point you in the right direction and help you find more about it, City of Kelowna website provides detailed information regarding Secondary Suite, as well as Carriage House & Two Dwelling Housing.

Secondary Suite

A secondary suite is a self-contained residence, located within a single family house, that has its own entrance, kitchen, bathroom and living area.

A building permit and a business licence  are required to ensure the secondary suite is legal. The business licence must be renewed every year.

Carriage House & Two Dwelling Housing

A carriage house is an additional dwelling unit located within a detached accessory building. The maximum floor area can be no more than 90m2 OR 75 per cent of the total habitable space of the principal residence, whichever is smaller.

Two Dwelling Housing is a property that contains two principal dwelling units.

The difference between a second dwelling and a carriage house is the size of the regulated floor area, siting, required development regulations and Development Cost Charges (DCCs).  For a carriage house, the floor area and the height of the building are limited. In comparison, site coverage and the building set backs are often the limiting regulations for a second principal dwelling. Two dwelling housing is permitted to be strata-titled; however, a carriage house is not.

For more information, please visit City of Kelowna website: http://www.kelowna.ca/cm/site3.aspx